Carolina Family Alliance, Inc.

What is COA? COA is the accrediting body for behavioral healthcare and human service organizations. COA accreditation focuses on “contextual accreditation,”             meaning that the organization’s accreditation process is customized to the organization’s needs and scope of services.

What is Accreditation? COA accreditation is a comprehensive process that occurs every four years.  The accreditation process involves submission of a comprehensive         self-study that evaluates every aspect of the organization, from leadership and governance to provision of services. Carolina Family Alliance, Inc.must also undergo an on-site inspection conducted by COA peer reviewers. Carolina Family Alliance, Inc. completed the COA site survey on February 9 & 10 2015; the agency received very high ratings and received its full accreditation on the same Achieving accreditation means that Carolina Family Alliance, Inc. complies with nationally recognized standards of best practice at all levels of the organization. We are accredited through February 2019.

What is a COA standard? COA standards represent goals for a field of practice recognized as a model for excellence. COA standards focus on analyzing outcomes, which can lead to improved service delivery and superior internal processes.

What does accreditation mean to you? Carolina Family Alliance, Inc.'s COA accreditation means that it is an organization committed to excellence, continuous improvement, and consistent service delivery. Accreditation is our proof that we exceed the expectations of our clients.

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